The foundation of Government Policy & Strategies is our depth of knowledge of the programs and internal business processes used by California State Government and the relationships we build and maintain with State Executives. Our commitment to our clients is to leverage that foundation to identify and secure appropriate business opportunities and provide continuing education on subject matters that are vital to our clients continued growth in their business with California State Government.

Business Development Services

Through a monthly subscription service our clients receive:

Access to Research

Unlimited access, via the web, to our research library that includes:

  • GPS Research Reports
  • GPS Departmental Reviews
  • GPS Budget Reviews, and
  • The Bookshelf, a collection of articles and links to information on the most pertinent topics of the day.

Meeting Coordination and Preparation

Leveraging our research, you will be able to determine what key points of contact you wish to make based upon where an individual works within an organization, what projects and initiatives they are focused on, and what budget they have to work with. We will work with you and the department executive to arrange a meeting. We will prepare you (and your team) with background information on the department and the executive and prepare an introductory packet of relevant information about your organization that can be forwarded to the executive ahead of time.

Go To Market Strategy

We work with our clients to develop an approach to the market that will improve their success and focus the efforts of both of our teams on the opportunities that provide the best fit between the client’s solutions and the Government’s needs.

Targeted Opportunity Briefings

Our analysts will continually monitor the California State Government procurement space to locate prospective opportunity matches within the State that our evaluations determine you are suited to pursue.

Opportunity Pursuit Services

Selling to California State Government is a challenging process. Government Policy & Strategies can help. Through active research including detailed opportunity analysis, capturing customer background, monitoring political issues and measuring the competitive landscape, GPS works with clients to develop consistent win themes and strategies. Upon request, GPS will assist in response preparation and provide feedback your company’s readiness for response delivery and any required interviews.