At Government Policy & Strategies, we believe that knowledge is the ultimate strength and the door to knowledge is a commitment to research.  As such, we believe the key to bringing value as advisors to our clients and the California State Agencies they serve is to remain committed on a daily basis to capturing and sharing the most current information on policy and technology direction.

Suggested Reading

Each week we will present a list of links to various articles we found pertinent and compelling this week. It is our hope that by synthesizing the vast amount of information that is available into a short list, we will allow our readers to stay current with a minimal time commitment.

GPS Research Reports

Government Policy & Strategies staff prepares ongoing Research Reports on the topics most discussed in the meeting rooms of California State Agencies and Departments.  These Research Reports are shared with California State Government leadership, upon request, and provided to our clients.  After 6 months, each report is made available via the website.

GPS Departmental Reviews

Government Policy & Strategies staff prepares Outlines of State Departments, with a focus on the programmatic/business goals of the Department. These Outlines are provided to our clients and 6 months after creation are made available via the website.

GPS Budget Review

Government Policy & Strategies believes that it is imperative to obtain and analyze numerous budget documents pertaining to California State Government, to provide a holistic understanding of the current state of IT opportunities AND the future state of IT opportunities in California.  Here you will find an assortment of budget documents and our synopses of the core additions/subtractions and key policy changes found within the current Governor’s Budget.


Government Policy & Strategies believes it is imperative to remain apprised of all current legislation being debated in California, and to understand the impacts of each piece of chaptered legislation. Here, through our partnership with Capital Track/LegisWeb, we are providing state of the art legislation tracking (service to be added January 2014).

The Bookshelf

As we come across articles, government documents and white papers that we find extremely valuable, we are providing access either directly or via links to the original source documents. This repository is continually expanding and offers a wealth of information on the subjects most important for California State Government.