Government Policy & Strategies is a boutique provider of Business Development Services for those companies targeting the California State Government sector.  We currently represent five companies who are bringing new found innovation and efficiency to the provision of government services in California.  Things like making sure the produce you eat is safe for your families, ensuring health care providers receive timely payments, assisting the state in catching those who would try to defraud the state out of scarce resources needed for our state’s most vulnerable population, and working on the leading edge of data-driven analytics to promote effectiveness and efficiency in government.  We are proud of the companies we represent and encourage you to familiarize yourself with them through this site and their respective websites.

We believe a daily regime of working hard for things we believe in, with people we believe in, in a manner we believe in, will bring abundant results.Government Policy & Strategies was formed with, and still practices, a commitment to achieving results for our clients through unparalleled research, preparation and due diligence. All wrapped with a conviction to do our business in a spirit of values and ethics. The over $2 billion in revenues current and past clients have secured in the California State Government space since  our inception into the business development world, speaks to that abundance.

So, enjoy our site. Gather some research. We have an ever expanding array of documents related to State programs and the Departments they operate under, budget information, legislative documents and volumes of state IT related documents. You will also find an array of links to sites where you can find further information related to California State Government. Lastly, please contact us personally or via the website if you have any questions.

“Most people see the victory, but they cannot discern the form of it. They only know things that are subject to ready calculations – the physical elements of warfare, logistics, that which can be counted. In the second kind of knowing, people are able to discern the forms we used. They already know all the elements of strategy – reversals, abstract kinds of calculation, how to set the few against the many. But it is only in retrospect that they recognize the particular way we have put all these together to come to victory. The third kind of knowing is inaccessible even to the best. It is profoundly generative – from within it one is able to create new forms.”

— Sun Tzu